The outcomes are in: 2019 gender research results of this study can be found in no chance

EDITORS NOTE: the outcome of this study are in not a way supposed to be clinically or statistically accurate. This is simply designed for fun. This basically means, you don’t need to get the panties in a whole lot. ?

Because of this years intercourse issue, the editors for the Statesman decided to revive a vintage custom. For the first time in four ages, we requested the customers to spill their own guts and partake in an anonymous sex review. One hundred and thirty-four people rose toward celebration. Here you will find the results youve all been looking forward to.


The average era our participants had gender the very first time ended up being 17. Ten people have never have gender but (dont worry, your own time may come.)

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System Number:

Normally, our very own people got around eight sexual lovers. This changed somewhat when you managed for sex. Girls have around seven associates typically and guys have about five. Twenty-five people only have slept with anyone (up until now.) Certainly you reported creating 45 sexual lovers (congrats throughout the sex.)

Gender Acts/Positions:

There were several, shall we state, special gender acts/positions cast inside mix (all of our personal preferences include folding platform chair, speed bump and the lotus,) but most people trapped into classics.

Thirteen of you preferred the cowgirl place and reverse cowgirl gets a respectable state with seven ballots. Oral and missionary tied up for second destination with 16 ballots each. But doggystyle got in a landslide with an astonishing 49 votes.

The top way our very own respondents found their intimate couples had been through matchmaking applications, with 43 anyone voting for this choice. PRODUCED BY REBECCA LIEBSON


This matter was more difficult to assess. Almost all your said anything such as BDSM, submission or dominance. As for the rest of you, we applaud their trustworthiness. Right here happened to be several of the most popular feedback:

Urban myths about sex:

As had been evidenced by this research, everyone probably might have benefitted from some gender education courses at one point in our lives. Right here happened to be many craziest stories about gender all to you accustomed feel:

For favored sex positions/acts, doggystyle claimed in a landslide with a whopping 49 ballots. CREATED BY REBECCA LIEBSON

Traditions and sex:

Not to get all Freudian on you but, the way we were increased surely takes on a huge role in how exactly we thought intercourse. Heres exactly how the customers asserted that her social upbringing impacted her values about gender:

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