SparkFun RTK Surveyor Hookup Tips Guide. A monopole created for digital cameras is used

Equipment Set Up

The RTK Surveyor was created to utilize inexpensive, from the shelf equipment. Here we’ll explain just how to construct a Rover and Base.


Revealed right here is the popular RTK Rover build. A monopole made for cameras is utilized. A cell phone owner try clamped on the monopod plus the RTK Surveyor try installed. The ?” camera bond in the monopole is actually adapted to ?” 11-TPI and a L1/L2 antenna are attached. A Male TNC to Male SMA cable links the antenna toward RTK Surveyor. No broadcast is necessary because RTCM modification information is offered by a phone over Bluetooth.

We finished quite a few assessment with the u-blox L1/L2 antenna and it’s good when it comes to cost and proportions. Mounted to a ground dish you will get great outcomes. It’s simply quite ungainly whenever mounted to the top of a monopole. I encourage the ‘ufo’ style L1/L2 antennas since they has a larger antenna factor and a somewhat bigger ground airplanes compared to u-blox antenna.

If you are searching for a monopole (aka monopod), acquire one definitely 65” long or better to make sure that the antenna would be above the head. We’ve had all the best utilizing the Amazon Essentials brand name.

We strongly suggest against making use of a stiff helical antenna setup as found below. The RTK Surveyor is certainly not made for such options and certainly will create permanent problems for the antenna connector. The helical antenna gets a large lever supply. If product are fell this lever can perform harmful both the SMA connector and where the connector try soldered into the PCB.

If you’re looking for a cell phone clamp be sure to get one that will be suitable for the diameter of your monopole and contains a knob to boost clamp force. Our very own monopole try 27mm in diameter and we’ve had good knowledge about this clamp and this also clamp. Your own mileage may vary.

In case you are receiving RTCM modification data over a radio website link it’s best if you attach a broadcast on the straight back of this RTK Surveyor.

Picture-hanging pieces from 3M make a nice semi-permanent mount. Put the 4-pin to 6-pin JST wire included with the RTK Surveyor through the broadcast port to either for the Serial Telemetry Radios (shipped in sets). We really like these radios since they are combined out from the package, either can submit or receive (as a result it doesn’t matter which radio was connected to base or rover) and they’ve got impressive number. We achieved over a mile assortment (nearly 1.5 miles or 2.4km) with all the 500mW radios and a big 915MHz antenna regarding base (read this guide for more info).

Temporary Base

A short-term or cellular base build required if you are in that particular niche too far far from a correction supply and/or cellular reception. A 2nd RTK Surveyor try mounted to a tripod and is set up to accomplish a survey-in (aka, locate dating in your 40s promo codes alone), then begin broadcasting RTCM modification information. This data (

1000 bytes a moment) is distributed towards the customer’s attached radio preference. For our functions, the 915MHz 500mW telemetry radios are widely-used since they provide what exactly is fundamentally a serial cable tv between the base and rover.

Any tripod with a ?” cam bond is going to work. The Amazon Essentials tripod is useful sufficient it is a little light weight and rickety. A cell phone owner is clamped to your tripod as well as the RTK Surveyor is conducted inside clamp. The ?” cam bond is actually adjusted to ?” 11-TPI and a L1/L2 antenna is attached. A Male TNC to Male SMA adapter connects the antenna toward RTK Surveyor.

As soon as base is setup with a clear view of the heavens, move the create switch to «Base» and change the unit on. The red-colored driven will blink for 60-120 seconds. The moment the research is complete the reddish driven are constantly lit up and RTCM facts will quickly getting transmitted. It is possible to examine this by looking at the LEDs throughout the telemetry radio (limited red-colored LED will blink whenever serial information is was given from the RTK Surveyor). The RTK Surveyor was designed to stick to the u-blox recommended survey-in of sixties and a mean 3D regular deviation of 5m of fixes. If a survey doesn’t achieve these requirement it’ll auto-restart after ten full minutes.

Costly surveyor angles need a ?” 11-TPI bond however the the surface of the surveyor base will frequently hinder the antenna’s TNC connector. Should you decide chose to utilize a surveyor’s ‘stick’ make sure you get a ?” extender plate to increase the antenna at the very least an inch.

If you are looking for a mobile phone clamp definitely acquire one which suitable for the diameter of one’s tripod and has now a knob to improve clamp force. All of our tripod try 18mm in diameter and we’ve got an effective experience with this clamp. Their usage can vary.

Note: a mobile base place is effective for fast visits toward field. However, the survey-in technique is not recommended for all the greatest reliability dimensions because the positional precision for the base will straight change into the accuracy with the rover. Stated in different ways, if your base’s calulcated situation was off by 100cm, very will any reading your own rover produces. If you’re wanting optimum accuracy consider installing a static base with set antenna. We were able to pinpoint the antenna on top of SparkFun with an incredible accuracy +/-2mm of reliability making use of PPP!

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