KK: Both themes out of sexual discussion and you will love are widely relatable irrespective of where you might be away from

NRH: We haven’t spoke to Netflix regarding it ourselves, but Perhaps that is important. Immediately after which in reality, it flick has no any Americans with it: It’s all “foreign” people in the brand new documentary, that’s a bit uncommon if you have this success on the Netflix. But still you could potentially tell a great deal about him on account of the information presented.

Along with, what is actually unusual is the swindle singer, the fresh new “swindler,” isn’t really on film

Together with characters and you can metropolises, having everything that goes, come from worldwide. And i also suppose that’s a great place to start a documentary that is found in almost any countries.

GIJN: Tell us after that concerning the techniques: Your wrote your study into the 2019. It actually was a large strike and you will instantly went viral. How did you go from that to creating an excellent documentary?

Often our facts gamble digitally? Will it be buggy? But a little early, we could see the numbers of customers into the magazine site and will give that are a narrative that folks preferred to see. Therefore we may also come across with the Myspace or any other social network networks that folks was in fact starting to read it and you can express it. I blogged both in Norwegian along with English, since the we realized there have been loads of regions with it. Simon [Leviev] is actually away from Israel. So there was [his] conviction inside the Finland. The next week we published stories regarding London area, Amsterdam, New york, and Tel Aviv, all of the with folks which said that they had started conned in the most various methods by the Simon Leviev. And therefore i did follow-ups. Together with story try stated in several some other media internationally.

NRH: After we blogged, i got a lot of requests of different brands and you can writers, but we were a bit limiting. We had been saying that it absolutely was Cecilie and you will Pernilla’s choice. It had a manager, and additionally they got in contact into the manufacturing business, whom acquired the story. And during the summer or even in late 2019, I happened to be called of the design company, and had already produced a deal with Cecilie and you can Pernilla.

KK: Up coming we arrive at keep in touch with the supply business on which the process would be, and this taken care of credit the all of our question to inform the newest tale, for instance the part where i went to Israel, for example. Borrowing from the bank by buying. And just how we might are available in the fresh documentary.

GIJN: How did you browse you to definitely? Try by using their businesses, or was just about it an individual decision, and you may was it something you spoke as a result of in just about any duration that have Cecilie and you can Pernilla?

KK: Better, I could merely start with stating we were very nervous new Monday we were publishing, wondering: Commonly anyone read through this?

NRH: We spoke a lot to our very own writers at VG and you will found the manufacturer in addition to manager. As soon as we generated a deal, we delivered these in our material which had already been published. Which is crucial. We don’t provide them with whatever wasn’t authored once the i have a great amount of other information regarding unpublished offer, but all this we left in order to ourselves. It went to all of us in Norway, meeting all of us, hanging out with all of us, and you may speaking to own 24 hours. Following after, well, half a year after, it performed an interview with our company.

GIJN: As well as how made it happen feel to understand that some one is actually interested in making it into the a documentary and comprehending that your work carry out visited eg an extensive listeners?

KK: First and foremost, it absolutely was necessary for me to tell which facts. Whenever Cecilie is actually talking with all of us, the girl objective are for this facts https://hookupdates.net/pl/randki-dla-crossdresserow/ in the future aside, in order to end anyone else regarding exceptional same task because the she had knowledgeable by exhibiting his methods. And we have been, definitely, happy our data and you can the story you’ll accomplish that. I suppose I’m merely happier for her you to definitely which have which story towards the Netflix, proving your along with his steps, and achieving you to definitely now shown to the country.

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