Goat: Dorje Legpa in a few versions adventures atop a goat rather thana lion

Marichi in some versions trips atop a horse

Goose: Brahma, Chandra (moon), Sarasvati. All these deities have the goose while the a good mount. During the early torana depictions, throne back, the fresh goose is a common icon.

Horse: Prayer Banner. Hayagriva enjoys each one or three-horse thoughts atop his own. Kinnara, Ratnasambhava sits atop a horse supported throne. An unusual brand of Hevajra provides a horse-head. Bernagchen Mahakala and you will consort drive atop a black pony. Numerous Jataka Tales involve ponies. Surya (Sun) since the an effective deity adventures during the an excellent chariot pulled from the horses.

Lion (otherwise Snow Lion): you will find three standard ways that the new advice lower than relate to an effective lion (1) seated atop good lion supported throne, (2) having a lion deal with, otherwise (3) riding atop a great lion. Durga tours otherwise stands atop an effective lion. Shakyamuni Buddha lies atop an effective lion offered throne because the do Vairochana Buddha. Tara (eight concerns) protects regarding lions. Simhanada Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri trip atop a beneficial lion. Simhamukha has actually an excellent lion face because the do the next retinue attendant getting Shri Devi Magzor Gyalmo. Regarding the retinue out-of Bernagchen Mahakala was Shingkyong and his consort – each other has a beneficial lion deal with. The fresh new Hindu God Vishnu inside the function since the Narasimha Avatar are half of guy and you can 50 % of lion. Pehar Gyalpo, Dorje Legpa, Tseringma, Vaishravana and Dorje Shugden the trip atop a snowfall lion.

Makara: Throne Straight back (torana). Good makara experienced people attendant guides the latest mule away from Shri Devi Magzor Gyalmo. Chusing (makara) surface dresses can be obtained with some Bon deities.

Monkey: Ganapati/Ganesha, Bernagchen Mahakala and Tsiu Marpo normally every have monkeys given that attendant rates. There are some Jataka Reports in the monkeys.

Mule: Shri Devi Magzor Gyalmo trips atop an excellent mule in lieu of Shri Devi Dudsolma (having five hands) exactly who tours atop an excellent donkey.

Of several wrathful deities wear the newest 7 Great Naga Leaders because the decoration, such for bracelets, anklets, belt, etc

Naga (and pick Snake): Nagaraja Buddha, Simhanada, Garuda, Manasa, Nagarjuna. Per are titled and now have a particular the colour revealed regarding the books.

Peacock: Amitabha/Amitayus, Manjushri, Kuayuri. Most of these data apart from Mahaayuri keeps peacock feathers. The fresh new Siddha Shavaripa commonly wears good peacock cloak. Toward some temple rooftops a few peacocks was portrayed on the her dating either side away from a cone-for example build.

Pig: Marichi both has a good pig face (faces) or is for the a beneficial chariot taken by pigs, or sits for the a great pig, sow, otherwise boar. (She sporadically flights to the a horse).

Rabbit: The fresh Dalai Lama in a past incarnation are a rabbit. There are many Jataka Tales on the Shakyamuni Buddha inside earlier existence being produced once the a rabbit.

Raven: Kakamukha Mahakala keeps a good raven face. The fresh Bhutanese Regal Crown have good raven directly the major and you will Sakya Tridzin Wangdu Nyingpo might be represented wear a good wrathful raven cap.

Rooster: Dorje Setrap. New Dragyab Monastery out-of East Tibet retains Dorje Setrab because their special protector. The area is additionally full of chickens and you can roosters being considered regarding the Dorje Setrab. Marichi in one decorate is portrayed with a sunshine marked with an effective three-legged rooster (crow).

Scorpion: Dorje Drolo (Padmasambhava) in some Value Traditions also holds a good scorpion about leftover hands. Master Dragpo and you can Master Dragpur hold a black colored scorpion regarding the left hand. Black colored Hayagriva enjoys a beneficial scorpion attendant shape. Begtse Chen and several forms of Shri Devi hold aloft inside best hand a scorpion managed sword.

Snakes (also get a hold of Naga): Manasa have a hood of many snakes and often holds an effective serpent. Janguli, Tara (7 concerns) handles against snake chew. Nagaraja Buddha have a bonnet from snakes above the direct since the do the latest Indian Buddhist college student Nagarjuna. Per are called as well as have a particular the color described regarding the literature.

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