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Crow | he/your | side weblog to own my Transformers nonsense since whoa guy there is a beneficial lot of they | Decepticon apologist, cyberpunk partner, and you may general bot enjoyer | head try /

And make a fast navigation post that blog site is somewhat regarding a tragedy. Usually this one is one larger societal infodump and you may a location for me personally to get ramblings on the my personal special-interest. It means it is pretty sporadic and you will everything’s stream of consciousness. It is my personal better company of the many you to.

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On top of that: requires, DMs, and you can comms are often unlock. My personal general use web log is and my personal certified head is actually but it’s lifeless so usually do not bother far inside. And have fun! This can be a location regarding vibes and i also invite you all to join in the new in pretty bad shape

Good to discover I am not saying by yourself in crying more people during the Transformers. Wasn’t expecting y’all to help you similar to this that so much skdjfd. Congratulations otherwise sorry you to occurred!

That have opinion on sentience, inorganics, the fresh new inherent value of life, in addition to individual grounds as the method Transformers covers they certainly fucks myself up either

I believe just for enjoyable I’m gonna generate one (1) roadway racer design look like me, however, I’m not probably give y’all what type thus you may be merely probably need certainly to imagine :3

When you look at the Ratchet’s coverage, Wheeljack isn’t necessarily inside the correct mind. But when you select five kids rooting doing in your dumpster what are you supposed to perform? Perhaps not keep them?

Literally I was drawing mermay Jazz when i posted about it, you are training my mind anon. Gotta do the favorite males earliest!

I am going for vintage humanoid mer activities result in doing Everyone loves your mind so you can tail bot designs some people manage, Really don’t feel the patience for this skds

Jazz is a beneficial Blacktip shark! As they are timely, nimble, discerning, and friendly up until they decide to get fatal. Also my personal favorite style of shark and their fin molds was fuckin chill thus i often recognize to an excellent modicum out-of favoritism right here

Oh!! I am doin Mermay content, goin back to my secondary school mermaid fixation sources letter the, anytime some body has requests characters they desire to look for me carry out mer habits having go ahead and adhere em on askbox 😀

Ok I know I can not initiate one the latest fics end in I practically has unnecessary drafts within my docs rn but such as for example. How i create Kill getting Griffin Stone Perfect has some spare Con they need to offload someplace they simply lose em during the Griffin Stone and you can allow the Burnses straighten em out.

Today constantly I skip more than people Best/RB fics end in it’s always Rescue Bots which have Finest level angst but I suggest the contrary. I would like Primary having Save yourself Spiders height nonsense.

Needs these types of unfortunate unfortunate Drawbacks become very pissed you to a twelve year dated peoples convinced these to has mercy. The guy shown him or her you to definitely (1) oz from kindness and then they will die to possess your. I’d like Starscream to need to chase off flobsters and i also wanted Soundwave duking it out having wayward tech and i also want K.O. and you will Blades moaning on are medics even after never ever undertaking medical content. I’d like a small absolutely nothing garden community away from reformed Decepticons just hanging around on this subject area. A person’s become the backyard and something is getting to the sculpting and you can Cody renders Megatron get anger administration classes. All of you it will be therefore funny and that i can not end thinking about it and it is eliminating me personally.

Exactly how many people who want which is something are not helping me resist the urge in order to best it

Sure sure sure yes sure, -says-ni do so. Let us usher in a different day and age regarding Finest/Save yourself Spiders shenanigans!! Character is healing, every day life is a great, etc

Stealing TikTok audios to your share function of fucking around and you will mastering. The only thing I need to state to have myself is I thought it would be funny, and that i uphold that!

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